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The History

Knitting factory November 2019

It all started in Coeur d' Alene, ID

    LCB was formed in 2012. It all started on a baseball field. Chance, Nick and their good friend Cody were on a mens league team when the subject came up,  "Let's start a band!". They met up in an underground tattoo shop in Cd'A daily to start rehearsing. After maybe 20 songs and still no name, they were invited to come in on a Monday to perform their fist gig at the Moose Lounge just across the street. 

    As LCB started branching out of the Cd'A area they became the house band at the Slab inn in Post falls. They also played as house band at the Roadhouse in Spokane Valley, WA. After a year at each the guys decided house band gigs weren't giving them the thrill they were looking for so they decided to travel the Northwest putting on shows. 

  LCB has opened for major acts in the last few years, such as, Chase Rice, Randy Houser, Lonestar, and more.  They have won multiple IN-CMA awards and had many other nominations in the past few years. 

  They released their first single "Dirty" with a music video in 2019. Followed by "Drive" soon after.  Early 2020 has given you "Red Bull and fumes" and "Wanted Man" The guys have been working hard in Amplified Wax recording studio to bring you new singles throughout 2020. 





"A rock band That plays Country"

 In the years since the band started there has been multiple friends and musicians that have helped with this journey. We would like to thank all of the great people who have entered our lives throughout this awesome ride!

Chance Long

Nashville North. Stateline,ID

Coeur d' Alene, ID

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Chance is the founder of LCB.

Raised in North Idaho.

Self taught guitarist

Learned to sing in High school choir

First concert was Garth Brooks (1998)

First band was a punk band in Jr. high "Striking Home"

Binge watches Ancient Aliens

loves fishing, hiking, rock climbing, baseball, etc.

Once got strait A’s in 5th grade

Steve harms

knitting factory Spokane WA

Cheney, WA

Instruments: Guitar, piano, mandolin, vocals

Steve is the utility player of LCB.

Raised in Eastern Washington.

One summer of lessons/ self taught guitarist

First concert was Carrie Underwood (2010)

First band was a Smooth jazz group in his early '20s

Dabbles in drums...

Has traveled to many countries around the world

Once went 178 mph on the Autobahn

Lance Shew

Coeur d' Alene fairgrounds

Leavenworth, WA

Instruments: bass guitar, vocals

Lance is the most experienced member of LCB.

Has lived all over the U.S. 

Mentored by Michael Hopkins on bass at 14

played in Wenatchee Valley college jazz band

First band was classic rock, blues  "Not guilty"

First concert was John Denver (1974)

Has broke a horse in 3 days

Once drove a moving truck across state as a kid

Nick halpin

Great Northern Brewing. Whitefish,MT

Sandpoint, ID

Instruments: drums, percussion , vocals

Endorsments: Soultone symbols, Sweet spot drum Dampeners

Nick is the youngest member of LCB.

Raised in North Idaho

Self taught drummer

Played trumpet in high school jazz band

First band was "LCB"

First concert was Tim McGraw (1998)

Dabbles in guitar...

Married in 2018 

loves fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.

Once killed 3 birds with 1 stone